WEG SSW Soft Starters


WEG SSW Soft Starters


• Soft-Starters are electronic starters designed to accelerate, decelerate and protect
three-phase induction motors. The control of voltage applied to the motor, by means
of thyristors firing angle variation, allows smooth starting and stopping.

• With proper adjustments it is possible to optimise the motor starting torque so that starting
current remains as low as possible.

• WEG Soft-Starters are microprocessor base with state-of-the-art design for best starting
performance of induction motors and a low cost complete solution.


• Electronic integral Motor Protection
• Built-in Electronic Overload Relay
• Built-in Operator Interface (Keyboard)
• Kick Start Function for High Break-away torque loads
• Pump Control Feature for Intelligent Control of Pumping Systems
• Current Inrush Limitation
• Line Voltage Drop Limitation
• Stress Reduction on couplings and other transmission devices (Gear Boxes, Sheaves, Belts, etc.)
• Increased Motor and Mechanical Parts life
• Automatic Energy Consumption Optimisation for Reduced Load Applications
• Multi-motor Starting Possibility (Parallel or Cascade)
• Ease of Operation, Programming and Troubleshooting via Operator Interface (Keyboard)
• Built-in RS-232 Serial Communication
• Full Digital / 16 Bit Microprocessor