WEG CFW Variable Speed Drives


WEG CFW Variable Speed Drives


• The WEG CFW-09 Series of Variable Frequency Drives incorporate the world’s most
advanced technology in drives for three-phase AC induction motors.

• The Vectrue Technology™ represents a significant advancement, allowing this new
generation of WEG inverters to combine V/F, Sonsorless vector and Close Loop Vector
(with encoder) control techniques, all in one product.

• An innovation was also introduced to simplify applications that require braking torque.
A new feature named Optimal Braking™ eliminates the need for the dynamic braking
resistor in some applications allowing a simpler, more compact and economic solution.


• High performance RISC 32 bit microprocessor;
• Detachable SMART keypad with dual display (LCD and LED);
• Wide power range: 1 … 500HP (up to 1500HP with parallel configuration);
• Variable and Constant Torque ratings;
• Degree of Protection NEMA 1 /IP 20 standard up to 200HP, IP 20 up to 500HP and NEMA 4X / IP 56 in stainless steel enclosure up to 10HP;
• Simplified installation and programming;
• Orientated start-up;
• Through surface mounting option
• On/Off-line PC programming with SuperDrive software (optional);
• DC bus connections available;
• International certifications including UL and cUL, CE, C-Tick and IRAM.