SEW Servo Gear Units


SEW Servo Gear Units


All SEW-EURODRIVE servo gear units can be combined with our highly dynamic synchronous servomotors from series DS and CM to form a compact geared servomotor.

Since there is no need for an adapter, the entire drive becomes more dynamic, compact and torsionally rigid and also costs less.

Mass inertia is reduced and the danger of a clamping joint becoming loose is eliminated.

In this way the geared servomotors from SEW-EURODRIVE offer complete positive connections from the motor brake to the gear unit output shaft.

The servo gear units have lubrication for life, high-endurance gearing with high safety
margins and are available with circumferential backlashes of less than one angular minute.

All commercially available servomotors can be mounted to the servo gear units with the
help of the modular EPH and EBH adapters.

SEW-EURODRIVE offers the perfect prerequisites for every servo application: the outstanding performance of SEW-EURODRIVE servo gear units combined with the high control quality and power of synchronous servomotors results in compact, positive and power-optimized geared servomotors.

The design of the new PSF and PSKF low backlash planetary servo gear units makes them very compact and enables them to transmit the highest torques.
Their innovative bearings make them withstand up to 30% higher overhung loads to meet the high demands of servo technology.

The optimized gearing geometry ensures little heat generation, low running noise and highest efficiencies.