SEW Q Series Industrial Gear Units


SEW Q Series Industrial Gear Units


• Stand-alone planetary gear unit series
• High torque transfer capacity with small space requirements
• The units can generate rated gear torques of more than 1 million Nm
• Customized solutions
• All available modules can be mounted on the input and output side
• Combinations with helical and helical-bevel primary stages are possible on the input side


• Great movements can be mastered precisely and safely
• Its particularly compact design reduces installation space and weight
• Customized solutions can be “integrated” into actual machine design


Everywhere low output speeds and high torques are required.

• Precise and safe movement of large paraboloid mirrors and roof constructions
• All branches of industry with similar requirements

The power of our Q Series gear units is in demand when even our most powerful planetary gear units reach their limits.

The Q Series planetary gear units do their job anytime such a spectacular and often less obvious but still demanding task has to be mastered.
This series is also characterized by its very compact design.

Customized solutions can be easily accomplished and the design of these gear units makes it possible to “integrate” individual customer specifications into the actual design of the machine.