SEW Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Units & Geared Motors


SEW Parallel-Shaft Helical Gear Units & Geared Motors


The particularly slender parallel-shaft gear units and gear motors in the F Series, with parallel shafts, are the ideal solution to the problem of confined space.

They are available as gear units with an input cover and an adapter for mounting onto IEC, NEMA or any other type of commercially available servomotor.

Other options include gear units with a motor platform, and with centrifugal, torque limiting or couplings.

Gear unit-motor combinations with AC gear units, AC-brake-, servomotors or DC motors the components of the SEW modular system, allow millions of varieties of output, speed, and design.


• High performance density, low output weight, small volume
• High overload capacity and reliability
• High overhung load capacities
• Long, maintenance-free service life
• Large number of finely-incremented gear ratios for each size
• Available as multi-stage gear unit (motor) with up to six gear stages for the smallest possible
output r.p.m.