SEW Helical-Worm Gear Units & Geared Motors


SEW Helical-Worm Gear Units & Geared Motors


Two-stage S series helical- worm geared motors with large reduction ratios in the worm stage and very low operating noise.

Available in foot, flange and shaft-mounted versions in numerous combinations.

SEW geared motors with angled power flow are available as helical-bevel-, helical-worm and SPIROPLAN® right-angle geared motors in numerous application oriented mounting positions, as well as MOVIMOT® or MOVI-SWITCH® versions.

With the choice of either one or two drive directions, they are available in foot, flange or shaft-mounted versions.

They are particularly suited for applications with large overhung loads.

The values are based on a mains frequency of 50 Hz and reflect possible combinations of SEW gear units or multi-stage gear units with single-speed or multi-speed AC motors.

In the power range of 1.1 to 45 kW, all standard 4-pole SEW AC motors comply with the lowest EFF2 efficiency requirement. Energy-Efficient Motors of Series DTE and DVE.