SEW Helical-Bevel Gear Units & Geared Motors


SEW Helical-Bevel Gear Units & Geared Motors


SEW K-series helical bevel geared motors with high efficiency levels in both torque directions and high-endurance gearing are the high-quality right-angle drives for all mechanical engineering applications where there is a space problem.

The right-angle drives, long and maintenance-free service lives, and individual combinations of torque and speed make them suitable for use in applications such as :
• Materials handling, process technology
• Machinery for the automotive industry
• Food and beverage industry
• Construction materials industry
• Wood, plastic, paper, and textile processing
• Logistics, traffication, and transport


• High performance density, low output weight, small volume
• High overload capacity and reliability
• High overhung load capacities
• Long, maintenance-free service life
• Large number of finely-incremented gear ratios for each size
• Available as multi-stage gear unit (motor) with up to six gear stages for the smallest possible
output r.p.m.