SEW Geared Motors for Trolley Drives


SEW Geared Motors for Trolley Drives


Trolley drives have become an essential feature of the assembly halls in major high-volume companies.

They play a particularly dominant role in the automotive industry.

Quickly, quietly and reliably, they transport body panels, doors, engines and windscreens to the assembly station.

Automatic controllers tell them to pick up the correct version in each case, and they transport it reliably through the maze of routes to the destination.

All this takes place without touching the floor or impeding the movement of industrial trucks.

Trolley drive systems for extensive production halls must be extremely flexible and reliable.

The new trolley drives from SEW-EURODRIVE – whether in the light or the heavy range – can be individually adapted to the specific conditions.


Sizes HW30 and HS40 satisfy the requirements of the C1 standard. Both drives operate with a reliable dog clutch.


Sizes HS41, HS50, HS60, HK30, HK40, HK50 and HS60 are optimally designed for trolley drives for transporting heavy payloads. Robust and absolutely reliable, they guarantee a high level of system serviceability.