The use of decentralized drive systems in extensive industrial plants is currently state-of-the-art technology and is continually growing.

The advantages are based on a reduction of the time and effort required for project planning, installation and startup, and the ease with which the system can be converted or extended.

ECOFAST®-compliant AC Motors DT/DV..ASK1

ECOFAST®-compliant AC motors from SEW-EURODRIVE are equipped with the plug connector option ASK1 as standard. The plug connector ASK1 consists of:

HAN10ES plug connector with pin insert, single-bracket easy lock and EMC frame.

Possibility of installing an optional carrier plate for attaching switchgear and control units.

Almost all combinations of gearmotors based on the “Gearmotors” catalog from SEW-EURODRIVE can be supplied in ECOFAST®-certified design.

The following restrictions apply:

• Motor sizes DT71 to DV132S
• Motor voltage always 230/400 V and 50 Hz
• Only motors with one speed
• Brake option: brake voltage always 400 V AC
• Temperature sensor option: only TF
• Brake control system option: only BGE, BG and BUR
• Only thermal classifications “B” and “F”