SEW CN Series Industrial Gear Units


SEW CN Series Industrial Gear Units


• Stand-alone series of gear units
• Helical and helical-bevel gear units
• Housing available as cast or welded design
• Special solutions can be easily accomplished
• Parallel shaft gear units
• All gear units have a parting line
• Separate housing series for horizontal and vertical mounting positions
• All available connection elements can be mounted on the input and output side


• Modifications can be easily accommodated (advantages in price and delivery time)
• Good thermal properties due to separate housing (specifically single, two and three stages)
• Delivery times of 10 to 12 weeks
• Easy maintenance due to parting line
• Global service


• Systems for the chemical industry, e.g. large agitators
• In the mining industry
• Large special and single machines in a variety of industrial applications

The CN gear units can hardly be beaten when it comes to customized configuration.

A large variety of modules can be mounted on the input and output side of the unit. Additional elements can easily be mounted on the left and right without any major effort.