SEW Brake Motors


SEW Brake Motors


SEW AC brake motors are AC motors in sizes 63-225 with integrated DC-operated safety disk brakes.
The brake rectifier is installed in the terminal box or as IS plug connector as standard but is also available in control cabinet design.

In the power range of 1.1 to 45 kW, all standard 4-pole SEW AC motors comply with the lowest EFF2 efficiency requirement. Energy-Efficient Motors of Series DTE and DVE.


• Connection through terminal boxes, IS, ASA1, ASD1, AMA1 or AMD1 plug connectors
• High switching frequency and positioning accuracy due to extremely short response and reaction
times of the mechanical brake
• Low maintenance and high reliability due to long brake service life
• Safe braking based on a fail-safe principle
• Low-noise brake
• Operation with fixed speed or pole-reversible