SEW Aseptic Drives


SEW Aseptic Drives

Aseptic Gearmotors for the Beverage and Food Industry

In particular in the production of food and beverages, but also in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, high demands are placed on hygiene in sensitive production areas.

Often, regulations stipulate a completely germ-free environment.

Helical, parallel shaft helical, helical bevel and helical worm gearmotors in aseptic design are easy to clean thanks to their smooth surfaces, which help prevent the build up of germs or bacteria.

The drive, as a unit comprising a gear unit and a motor, is coated with surface protection OS1 or OS3 depending on where it is to be used.


• Series DAS80 to DAS100
• Motor power range from 0.25 kW to 1.5 kW
• Smooth surface
• No fan, pure convection cooling
• Motor enclosure IP65, optional IP66
• Corrosion protection KS
• Wet acid protection for the winding
• Connection via plug connector in enclosure IP66
• Ear unit characteristics:
• R, F, K, S series, sizes 27 to 97 in all the common mounting positions
• 40 mm hollow shaft diameter for SA57, SA67, KA47 and KA57 shaft mounted gear units with
standardized recesses for circlips
• For shaft mounted gear units: closing cover on the back of the gear unit opposite the wiring side
• Double oil seals on the output end
• With option /Z, filling of the contour recesses
• Food grade gear oil as an option