MOVIMOT® Geared Motor with Integrated Frequency Inverter


MOVIMOT® Geared Motor with Integrated Frequency Inverter


MOVIMOT® is the name of the innovative combination of an SEW geared motor built on the tried-and-trusted modular system and a digital frequency inverter in the output range between 0.37 and 3 kW.

MOVIMOT® is available in all the standard versions, with a helical, planetary, parallel shaft, helical-bevel, SPIROPLAN®, or helical worm gear motor, with or without brake, for input voltages from 3 x 380 V to 500 V or 3x 200 V to 240 V (NEMA).

As it holds the cULus license, MOVIMOT® is the new component, for the automation of decentralized drive systems internationally as well and particularly in North America.


MOVIMOT®- and MOVI-SWITCH® -geared motors, combined with other components of the drive system for decentralized installation, can be very easily operated by one common control system.