MOVIDRIVE A® Drive Inverters


MOVIDRIVE A® Drive Inverters


The sophisticated inverters for asynchronous or permanent-field synchronous motors for standard or servo drives up to 160 kW and a supply voltage of 3 x 380 to 500 V or 3 x 200 to 240 V (for performance ratings up to 30 kW).

MOVIDRIVE® works in field-oriented fashion with two different control modes:

VFC – Voltage Flux Control or
CFC – Current Flux Control

Asynchronous drives can be implemented using VFC with or without a tachometer. Asynchronous drives achieve servo characteristics using CFC with an encoder.

MOVIDRIVE® drive inverters are available in two versions: standard version and application version.

The standard version includes the integrated IPOS plus® positioning and sequence control and can be expanded with all available options.

In addition to the features of the standard version, the application version includes the technology functions “Electronic Cam” and “Internal Synchronous Operation.”.

The application version gives the user access to all application modules included in the MOVITOOLS operating software.

MOVIDRIVE® – drive inverters comply with EMC regulations in EN 61800-3 “Multi-speed electrical drives.”

Also available, MOVIDRIVE® compact drive inverters.