MOVI-SWITCH® has been developed specifically to be used in decentralized systems and is a very cost-effective motor control switch.

MOVI-SWITCH®-1E is a compact and heavy-duty gearmotor for power ratings up to 3 kW with integrated switching and protection function.

The direction of rotation is turned on and off with a 24VDC signal via a short-circuit proof star bridge connector.

The integrated thermal winding monitoring function is directly linked to the connector.


MOVI-SWITCH® does not take up any control cabinet space and needs no wiring except the power supply and control voltage cables, since switching and protection functions are completely integrated into the motor.

MOVI-SWITCH® is available in all gear unit designs up to enclosure IP65 as well as all mounting positions of the modular system, making it the simple and flexible option for a multitude of applications.

The BGW brake control results in short reaction times during release and braking and is a standard component of all brake motors.

The MOVI-SWITCH® startup is a very simple procedure. The power supply and control connection for motors is the same with or without brake.